Cheap Chicago Cleaning Services

One Time Cleaning:
$24.99 person/hour

Initial Cleaning:
$24.99 person/hour

Move In Cleaning:
$24.99 person/hour

Move Out Cleaning:
$24.99 person/hour

Studio basic special:
$75flat rate(up to 600 square feet)

For the first scheduled cleaning service we have an hourly rate of $24.99 per hour with 3 hour minimum requirement. If a cleaning lady will not manage to clean your home in the 3 hours you’ll be asked to pay additional $24.99 for every hour spent. After the first initial cleaning if you decide to become our regular customer you’ll be given a flat rate. For larger projects we will send one of our supervisor for a FREE estimate.

Recurring Cleaning Service

Probably the most common question customers ask is, “How much would that be?” Unfortunately, there’s not an easy answer since every home is unique and we price the service according to your individual house and needs. We take into account number of rooms, the size, and several more factors in estimating your housecleaning rate.

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